Frequently Asked Questions

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The NDTG advertises job opportunities through local employment agencies and online.
The Face Fit test ensures that candidates are wearing effective PPE. The NDTG can provide Qualitative Face Fit tests for half masks as part of our training program. We are also able to arrange Qualitative Face Fit tests at our Hemel Hempstead training centre.
Some of our courses require you to be fitted with a full respirator mask. In order for the mask to fit correctly, it must sit against clean-shaven skin otherwise particles can find their way into the mouth and nose of the wearer. Our Oxy Fuel Cutting course and Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal course require you to attend with a clean shave.
In order to qualify for a CCDO card at any level, you must also pass the appropriate CITB Health, Safety and Environment test: Operative, Demolition Specialist, Demolition Supervisor and Manager and Professionals. The required level of test for each CCDO card is listed on the relevant course page. Our advisors can also offer advice on which test you need. The Health, Safety and Environment Test is 50 questions that cover 5 core knowledge areas. More information on the HS&E test, where it can be administered and how to book is available on the CITB's website.
Operatives wishing to sit the HS&E Touch Test can do so either with NDTG or Pearson Vue. If you'd like more information on sitting the test at NDTG, please contact us to discuss further.
To become an NDTG trainer you must have a minimum of 5 years of demolition industry experience. You will need to fill out the Training Provider application, PTLLS/AET (or equivalent), and have a CV approved by NDTG Board. Contact us for more information.
A career in demolition can be exciting and rewarding. The great news is that there are lots of options available to those just starting a career in demolition - and for those with the appetite and ambition, you can go all the way through the career pathway to a Foundation Degree in Demolition Engineering! Talk to NDTG to find out the best route for you - it may be that you start your career at the first CCDO card level - Demolition Labourer - or you may be eligible for the government-approved Demolition Operative Apprenticeship Standard Trailblazer scheme. Give us a call on 01442 217 144 (Option 2) for advice and information about how to begin your career in the demolition industry.
A Demolition Trailblazer was approved in September 2018, with the very first cohort starting the programme in June 2019. The new Apprenticeship Standard was developed by the industry, for the industry and involves 80% on-the-job learning with 20% of training taking place at College. Apprentices are employed by a demolition contractor from the very start and the typical duration is 2 years. For more information about the Trailblazer Demolition Operative Apprenticeship Standard, visit the Institute For Apprenticeships or call NDTG on 01442 217 144 (Option 2).
Certificates can take several weeks to arrive with you. The delivery time is dependent on the training organisation you completed your training with. If you completed your training with NDTG, call the team on 01442 217 144 (Option 2) for an update on your certification. If your training was provided by one of our Approved Training Providers,  you will need to contact them directly for a status update - the NDTG is not able to give this information for a candidate who trained through one of our third-party providers.
An NVQ is a work-based qualification that is achieved through a combination of training and appropriate assessment, usually at the candidates' place of work. On successful completion of the NVQ, the CCDO Red card will be automatically upgraded to the Blue version. To find out more information about NVQ's, please contact us.
NDTG provides Asbestos Awareness courses across the UK. Visit our courses page for dates and venue information.
You can book our courses by emailing us at or submitting an enquiry form via the website. Online booking and payment for demolition training courses are not offered as NDTG need to complete pre-requisite checks and ensure you are booking the right training course, based on your experience and job role.
The CCDO card scheme is designed to provide you with a clear pathway to keep learning and developing as a demolition operative. If you feel ready to move to the next level, there are certain pre-requisites that need to be met. NDTG are here to advise you on the right course for you - whether this is CCDO card training, renewals or another of our open courses geared towards keeping you safe and compliant on-site. Our expert knowledge of the demolition industry and training pathways ensures you get the right training. Give us a call on 01442 217 144 (Option 2) and we'll talk you through your options.
You can provisionally book an open course date via the NDTG website, but payment is not taken online. NDTG need to complete pre-requisite checks and ensure you are booking the right training course, based on your experience and job role. Once your provisional booking form is submitted, NDTG will be in touch to confirm your booking and organise for payment to be taken.
Our Open Courses are run from one of our dedicated training centres. NDTG has a state-of-the-art training facility in Hemel Hempstead. We also have training venues in the North East, North West, Midlands and Wales, ensuring you never have to travel too far for demolition training. The NDTG also provides bespoke courses at your premises or a venue of your choice, bringing you flexibility, convenience, reduced costs and less time away from the site.
Most of our CCDO courses and some skills training courses have pre-requisites which are listed in the individual course pages. Please check whether or not you are eligible for a CCDO card before attempting to book. If you run into difficulty, you can always contact our office team on 01442 217144 (option 2) and they will be able to help you.
All the details on what you need to bring to your training course are available on the main course page. You can also download a PDF description of the course contents and requirements.
Many of our courses can be funded through the CITB or other funding organisations. We are usually only able to offer funded courses to individuals that are part of one of our member companies.
The NTDG constantly works to secure funding for it's members, once secured, we have to fulfil certain criteria to ensure we are spending the funds in the fairest and most beneficial way for all of our members, This might mean that some courses are available as 50% off but others are only bookable at full price.
Many of our courses can be funded through the CITB or other funding organisations. We are usually only able to offer funded courses to individuals that are part of one of our member companies.
CCDO stands for Certificate Of Competence Of Demolition Operative. The CCDO scheme is approved by the demolition industry. Many Demolition and Construction site managers now request that workers hold the relevant CCDO card before being allowed access to the site to carry out demolition related activities. The NDTG is the only organisation that issues CCDO cards and our training courses ensure that you or your workforce are fully compliant with the scheme.
Many (but not all) sites now require CCDO accreditation. All NFDC member sites will require workers to hold the correct CCDO card before they start work on site.
Our smart cards feature a chip which can be scanned by the site manager at the point of entry to the site. It then shows the holders experience and qualifications. Site Managers can use the system to ensure their workforce is fully compliant with the card scheme. The scheme speeds up the task of checking cards and helps to reduce and eliminate the possibility of fraudulent cards being used to access sites. and chips are readable via a Smartphone app, tablet or card reader attached to a PC.
New applicants have the choice of being issued with a Virtual CCDO Smart Card in addition to a physical CCDO Smart Card. The virtual card works by way of an application downloaded to the cardholders phone, saving the need to carry cards on site. All CCDO cards can now be stored on the Vircarda App. The virtual card is then scanned by the site Supervisor on entry to the site, using the same software used for reading a physical card.
When you request a Virtual Smart Card on your CCDO card application form, you will need to install Vircarda on your device. This app is free of charge from Google Play, The Windows Store, and The App Store. Please provide your mobile number and email address when applying for the Smart Card.
The NFDC and NDTG work tirelessly to ensure that the card scheme is being upheld across members of both the training group and the Federation. In fact, being a member of the NFDC is reliant on having a fully carded workforce.
The NDTG is not responsible for who is allowed to work on site and who isn't. Our role as the card issuer is to ensure that everyone that we issue a card to is fully qualified to perform the tasks required by their job. If you lose your CCDO card and have to wait for a replacement, you may lose out on work. This is down to individual site rules and the discretion of the site supervisor.
There is a charge to replace lost or damaged CCDO cards of £30+VAT. Contact the admin team directly as soon as a card is lost to ensure a prompt replacement.
CCDO Card Renewals are required to keep you safe on-site and ensure your knowledge and skills are always up to date. Refreshing skills is vital to ensure you are always performing efficiently and safely on site. Demolition is a dynamic industry, with regular changes in technology, legislation and regulations, NDTG CCDO Card Renewal courses ensure that your knowledge is always relevant and current. For details of renewal timeframes and what you need to do to keep your CCDO card valid, talk to the NDTG team today. It's worth noting that the Trained Operator Red Card only lasts for 3 years and is not renewable - instead, the operative must pass the relevant NVQ to upgrade to the relevant Blue Operative card. The Blue cards are renewable by attending a one day course. This validates your card for a further 5 years.
Membership subscriptions with NDTG start on 1st January and end on 31st December.
No, NFDC members automatically receive NDTG membership and special rates for training courses.
The cost is calculated on a pro-rata basis. You will be charged for 12 months if subscription is bought between January - June, or 6 months if subscription is bought between July - December.
NDTG is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) through CITB. This means we can claim the grant on your behalf, so you don't have to. All of our courses (Open and Bespoke) are offered at a discounted price for Members. You'll also receive emails updating you on any offers that you can claim.
Costs/ CITB Grants- Full Technical Tests
  • Please note: a monitor notification fee of £28 for both the Theory Test element and the Practical Test element is included in the price. This fee will be non-refundable if you wish to reschedule a test after notification has already taken place.
  • Any cancellations within 7-14 days prior to the assessment will incur a £100 administration charge per operative.
  • Cancellations made within 7 days of the assessment full fees will still apply.
  • Please be advised, should your candidate fail to achieve the necessary pass mark on the Theory element, they will be unable to proceed with the practical. Full fees will still be applied in this instance.
Category Max Number of Candidates assessed per day Cost for 1 x Candidate (Theory & Practical) Cost for 2 x Candidate (Theory & Practical) Cost for 3 x Candidate (Theory & Practical) Current CPCS Grant Available on achievement per candidate (combined Theory & Practical)
D90- All endorsements 2 £975+VAT £1450 + VAT N/A £300
D92, A42, A43 3* N/A £1050 + VAT £1500 + VAT £300
*Travelling expenses included to all test days*  *Testing for 3 D92, A42, A43 tests in one day may not always be available, please check upon booking.   Upgrade Tests: For upgrade tests, on site assessment renewals, or a combination of different plant testing (e.g. D90 & A42) please contact the NDTG for an exact quote.
  • You can download and complete this Booking Form and return it to:
  • If you need help, just call the NDTG team on 01442 214 144 (Option 2)
  • Terms and Conditions for Booking can be found here
Demolition Plant (D90)
Code Endorsement
  • D90A
Demolition Plant- Materials Processing (360)
  • D90B
Demolition Plant- Up to 10 Tonne (360)
  • D90C
Demolition Plant- Demolish up to 15m (360)
  • D90D
Demolition Plant- Demolish up to 30m (360)
  • D90E
Demolition Plant- Demolish all Heights (360)
Demolition Skid Steer (D92)
Code Endorsement
  • D92A
Demolition Plant- Skid Steer Tool Carrier- Extracting
  • D92B
Demolition Plant- Skid Steer Tool Carrier- Demolishing
Code Endorsement
  • A42
  • A43
The D90 category is broken down as follows;
  • D90A - Materials processing
  • D90B - Demolition using plant under 10 tonnes
  • D90C - Demolition up to 15m
  • D90D - Demolition up to 30m
  • D90E - Demolition above 30m (All heights)
  • D90F - Lifting operations
With the exception of D90F, each category automatically covers you for the categories below. For example, with a D90D card you will be covered for A,B,C and D, but not for E. D90F is a totally separate test and will appear as another category on your card. For example, a card may say D90C, D90F. This means you are covered for A,B,C and F. You are not covered for D or E.
The D92 Demolition Skidsteer category is broken down as follows;
  • D92A - Extracting
  • D92B - Demolishing
If you hold D92B you are automatically covered for D92A as well.